Terror reigns . Terror reigns. We will have more hashtags , this time  for Nice ; we will again cover our FB Profiles with a French Flag ; heads of state will make speeches ; French president Hollande will continue to use government funds to pay his personal hairdresser 10,000 Euros/month; Trump will deliver a Trump speech , Obama and Hillary will deliver their speeches . The terrorists will laugh and celebrate. And we will wait for the next attack.


  1.  Pence as Trump VP Pick — looks like it.
  2. DeBlasio  and his administration are not only incompetent but are being outed as the MOST CORRUPT since Boss Tweed.
  3. Bubba and Loretta — no they probably did not actually discuss the Hillary investigation BUT the visual was loud and clear —   the message was sent — Hillary “interview” next day ; Comey exoneration ( albeit with the back of his hand) in two days.


Trump is a buffoon with a huge following that is just fed up with politics and government as usual —-   yes his followers contains plenty of racists and other scum but they are in the minority; and yes it contains many old white men like me ( though I DO NOT support him) who simply and I mean simply just see our country slipping away from what we remember –and much of what we remember is not quite accurate. But we are like a lot of geezers– we begin our sentences more and more with ” back in the day ….. ” .

Hillary is the most ethically challenged presidential candidate ever . She has a fine resume but has accomplished very little of substance.

It is my belief that Trump will be either overwhelmingly defeated or a squeak by winner. I truly hope for the latter. He will do no real damage during his one term but it will so shake up both political parties that there will be REAL CHANGE by the time 2020 rolls around — our country needs to go through this to emerge with a new perspective and new leadership—  the real deal is this : WE NEED A NEW CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION —  the old one is simply out of date and out of touch , which is why we get these awful Supreme Court decisions ( from the left and right). By the way the Notorious RBG gave a tepid apology but she now needs to resign — she can never be seen as politically impartial.


Have a great weekend .


  1. Bus Stop — The Hollies
  2. Maggie May — Rod Stewart
  3. Cant Find My Way Home —   Blind Faith

bob lucy


DALLAS and more .

  My morning did not start off well .

  1. I awoke , after a restless night, with a stiff neck .
  2. I could not find a clean pair of copper jeans — one pair was in the laundry bag but the second pair was missing.
  3. I picked up the NYT from outside my door and noted that two stories above the fold mentioned Dallas in their headlines. Somehow I thought about “Who Shot J R .”
  4. Appointment later today with Urologic Surgeon re : Bladder and Kidney.

President Obama and former President Bush (43)

Both gave excellent speeches in Dallas yesterday . I am no fan of either and consider Bush to be the worse president in my lifetime. I consider Obama an incompetent , bumbling fool with no leadership skills whatsoever. But again , credit where credit is due :  they both hit the spot yesterday and there is no point quibbling with the (very) few mis steps. I listened to the entirety of  both speeches and was moved to a greater extent by the words and emotions of Bush .

Obama is the president so it is appropriate that his words get greater play in the media . However , the NYT gave him control of the front page and the flip as well as a favorable editorial and relegated Bush to two sentences beginning with : “three others spoke at the memorial including former President Bush “. And of course Frank Bruni weighed in with a column praising Obama and again  equated the police shootings in Baton Rouge and  Minnesota as  the moral equivalents of the Dallas Assassinations . Ah yes the NYT !

The Notorious RBG !

Now it is no secret that Supreme Court Justices have political agendas — I mean seriously lets not deny this . But that good ole gal Ginsburg takes it to a new level : Over the last week she has given three separate interviews in which she called out Trump by name as being unfit for the presidency and a disaster to the nation and the Supreme Court . Will she recuse herself if any case that even tangentially involves Trump reaches the high court — which is quite likely to happen.

Rudy and Trump

What is there to say ? A truly rhetorical question. They both hit on some truths but when taken in context of their overall hate mongering lose any semblance of legitimacy. A shame.

Sweet Loretta

Attorney General Loretta Lynch truly channeled her best Hillary parsing and obfuscation performance during her testimony before the House Judiciary  Committee regarding the Clinton e mail investigation. By constantly refusing to elaborate on Comey’s unprecedented press conference she both lent it credibility while at the same time expressing her dissatisfaction with his forthrightness.


The One and Done Deblasio  has inserted himself into the national discussion on race — sigh and yawn.

Feel the Bern

The old geezer has endorsed Hillary —  kind of like Occupy Wall Street praising Goldman Sachs.

We are still at war in case you missed it .

The Nobel Peace Prize winner and anti war candidate has upped our troop level in both Iraq and Afghanistan while continuing to insist that they will not engage in ” direct boots on the ground combat”. I refer you to the great Tom Paxton lyric: ” Lyndon Johnson told the nation have no fear of escalation/  cause I’m only sending 50,000 more ”


My comments assume that my readers are well versed in the topics which is why I merely give short opinions —   I am aware that this assumption may be seriously incorrect.

Song of the day

American Pie –1971 Don McClean


Addie Mae Collins
Cynthia Wesley
Carole Robertson
Denise Mc Nair
James Chaney
Andrew Goodman
Michael Schwerner
Clementa Pinckey
Cynthia Hurl
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton
Tywanza Sanders
Ethel Lance
Susie Jackson
Depayne Middleton
Daniel Simmons
Myra Thompson


Michael Krol
Patrick Zamarripa
Michael Smith
Lorne Aherns
Rafael Ramos
Wenian Liu
James Nemorin
Rodney Andrews
Rocco Laurie
Gregory Foster
Waverly Jones
Joseph Piagentini
Edward Byrne
Edward O’Grady
Waverly Brown
Werner Forresster


Earlier today I posted the above names on FB with no explanation . These names speak across generations and stand for hatred. I would suggest that if they are not immediately recognizable to you that you take a moment and google or bing them .

Now I need to say this :

I am sick of seeing sentences like this one from Frank Bruni  in the Sunday NYT .

” … end the cycle of blood shed these heart rending images from Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas of a country in desperate trouble , with so much pain to soothe ,rage to exercise and injustice to confront.”

Statements like the above ( as well as statements from Obama) display a “moral equivalence”  that is false .

I am not certain of exactly what happened in Minnesota and Louisiana and will reserve judgment. But I am certain of what happened in Texas : Fueled by hatred of white people and white cops in particular , a coward planned and carried out an assassination that killed five men in cold blood who were out doing there duty and providing protection for protestors. Assassinated ! Assassinated ! christie

Saturday July 9 2016

AO remembranceSo this morning we shall look at the latest suicide report from the Department of Veterans Services, excerpts of which were published on 7/7/16. We immediately must  note that the old data(from a 2012 “study”) that served as the basis of the 22/day statistic was based on flawed methodology and severely limited scope. Nevertheless it did raise public awareness and did spur some limited response by the Department of Veterans Affairs .

Please check out this summary article : It also has it’s flaws and the full 300 page report will be made public shortly .

It is imperative to note the following findings :

  1. Though the # of Veteran Suicides per day has “dropped” to 20, the RATE of suicides has increased — this misleading “drop” is  statistically  explainable  by the overall decrease in the absolute number of Veterans  as WW II and Korean War Veterans are dying .
  2. It has also been shown that 65% of Veteran Suicides in 2014 were over the age of 50.
  3. The largest increase in the number of suicides is among young Veterans age 18-29 — the increase in suicides among female Veterans is alarming — female Veterans have been shown to take their own lives at a rate 30 times greater than their civilian counterparts .

It must be understood that diagnosis and  treatment must be tailored to particular demographic populations — especially the much older cohort who are at greater risk and can be largely invisible .

The new analysis consists of 55 million veterans records nationwide dating back to 1979 up until 2014. The investigation into the mental health history of veterans revealed that in 2014, there were 7,403 suicides among veterans. That accounted for 18 percent of all adult suicides that year in the US, a total of 41,425